Activities in Year 2016

"Kagoshima International Feral Cat Symposium" was held in Kagoshima City in 2016. The problem of feral cat is the problem of the Amami district to be registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. At th。

Activities in Year 2015

“Amami International Feral Cat Symposium” in 2015 had nine study meetings for preparation and connected Amami with the university by the Internet to have discussions with many different people on the 。

Activities in Year 2014

In Year 2014, a joint research on Amami with the practitioners from a variety of different fields progressed throughout the year. As a result, field workers and academia have come closer together, the。

Activities in Year 2013

In Year 2013, the research results up to Year 2012 were compiled in two books: Kagoshima Environmental Studies Special Edition and 100 Landscapes of 100 Kagoshima People. Also, a joint investigation a。